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Friday, September 19, 2008

A larger carbon footprint from burning the midnight oil...I'm sure

Those intrepid ABC reporters are at it again, wasting no time in discovering a document, more than likely the Golden Key, that will send Sarah Palin crashing to earth!
Nixon had his Oval Office tapes, Bill Clinton a stained blue dress. And now Sarah Palin has this document from ABC that is a torpedo at her waterline.
And I am of course convinced beyond any doubt that ABC is searching and demanding with equal vigor access to the documents that Obama wants to keep hidden regarding his complicity with Bill Ayers'
with the Annenberg Challenge ( Ayers is a convicted American terrorist who Obama just describes as "a guy who lived in my neighborhood") .
Well, let's see what Stanley Kurtz has discovered, or not as the case may be, shall we?
Maybe Mr. Kurtz could enlist the help of those even minded, non-biased ABC truth seekers?
BTW, here is the text of an email I sent off to Mr. Kurtz:
Dear Mr. Kurtz:

I noticed over at Hot Air that ABC has discovered a document that they represent as putting the lie to Sarah Palin’s version of “Troopergate” (article here).

Perhaps the courageous truth seekers of the fourth estate currently residing at ABC might be willing to help you pry loose the documents you’ve been seeking from the University of Illinois at Chicago regarding Barack Obama’s relationship with Bill Ayers and their work on the Annenberg Challenge?

Should that be the case, I’ll be diligent in watching for low flying sows and boars.

Best regards,