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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Representative Erhardt

I just heard an interview on KTLK The Chris Baker Show with Rep. Ron Erhardt regarding his proposal to tax clothing (where Erhardt "reaches across the aisle" to a DFL'er Hortman. Not much of a reach. More of a hug.) . What an arrogant tripe! I've requested that Chris put the interview on a separate podcast. Rep. Erhardt says that his proposal to tax clothing is an attempt to start a debate on how to help people that are negatively impacted by the largest tax increase in state history. Chris suggested to Erhardt that all services be denied to all illegals. However, Rep. Erhardt then invited Chris to come to the state capitol. And then went on to say "What do you want to do? Deny rights to illegals?" Erhardt went into full deny/swerve/discombobulate mode after that. Again,here is the link at KTLK.
Also remember that no tax ever stays at a low level-ever. And once the clothing exemption is breached, the food exemption is next (we're already taxed on snack foods). Then prescription drugs. We started out at at 3% sales tax rate in Minnesota. We are now over 100% over that. Do not accept the spurious argument "Well, we have inflation!" The tax rate takes inflated dollars. Tax proponents always lie. Always.


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