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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Coalitions, alliances and a leap

I am what most people call a conservative. A real conservative. A radical conservative. Or as Joseph Farah would remind lovers a liberty, a rebel. I prefer the latter. It's truly much more accurate.
There seems to be quite a number of stories on the New York Times piece, more accurately the sorry but not unexpected piece that the Old Gray Whore wrote on John McCain.
Many on the right are heralding the support for John McCain that this story has produced. They believe that this story has provided the catalyst that at last has pulled conservatives to McCain's side. Steve Chapman writes for many at Real Clear Politics on this "coming together" for McCain. I'm not quite there.
All these stories and pronouncements would seem to intone the old Arab saying "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" amongst the right. For me, I have come to expect nothing less from the Old Gray Whore. Personally, I think the GWB Administration has been derelict in not prosecuting the staff on the OGW for treason after the exposed critical operations in the GWOT. But, this is also the same Administration that refused to prosecute Sandy Berger with anything worse than a strongly worded letter in his personnel file. Oh well.
In the chat room at BTR I asked who would this story discourage or disaffect? The Repubs loathe the OGW, the left reveres it as holy writ. So who does this loose? Duane Patterson suggested the independents. Perhaps. My read on this it that it provides a huge weapon for McCain: any story that raises its head above the ridge of "just irritating" can easily be marginalized as "just another New York Times hit piece". Viola'! Instant marginalization.
But still, I'd warn that this rising up regarding the OGW story is not automatically an arrow vote for McCain from the conservative quiver. That will more than likely come from serious consideration regarding the GWOT and Supreme Court appointments.


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