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Friday, February 22, 2008

Time to watch like a hawk II

Not being to get to a computer didn't allow me to follow up on the Cottonwood Bus tragedy.
Nearly all that I suspected and alluded to has now become known. Some of what I suspect about the woman known as Morales is yet to come out. But I suspect that officials knew early, certainly by Wednesday, that Morales was all we now know she is. When Prairie Pravda reports on the maintenance record of the bus but little on the van driver, well...
Yesterday I was watching the MN House of Representatives debate HF2800 and its amendments. One was HF2800A46 requiring that all drivers licenses tests be given in English. And lands you should have heard the hew and cry from the DFLers! You'd have thought Kristallnacht and Night Riders were upon us again! There was a St. Paul DFL hack with a Hispanic last name that went on about "code", "shame", "sadness", "brown people" etc... And he was one of many DFLers with the exact same message. Had I been Minority Leader Siefert, I would have hoped that I could have a recording from the inside of that Cottonwood bus and said nothing in reply to each of these spineless DFLers. All I would have done is played that recording.
And Mayors Rybak and Coleman have declared Minneapolis and St. Paul to be sanctuary cities. Wonder what they have to say now? Did "Morales" ever come through these cities? ever stopped by the police? Do you people remember when Governor Pawlenty suggested that drivers licenses held by legal aliens have and visa expiration date stamped on them? You'd have thought he suggested summary execution from the bellowing lefties.

Much more is going to come oozing out about this.

P.S. This just in: sit down for this- she doesn't speak English. The criminal complaint.


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