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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The irony and the stench

I just heard Governor Tim Pawlenty rail on the radical exteme lefty controlled MN Legislature and the largest tax increase in Minnesota history. The Governor says the radical DFL took a bucket full of taxes and dumped it on the taxpaying citizens. And I agree. He then went on to say that Minnesotans are struggling to pay for food, gas and health care. And I immediately saw what Tim didn't. And I asked myself the following question: and why are Minnesotans struggling to pay for these essentials?
1. Food: ethanol subsidies have gone to increase corn prices and therefore any and all foodstuffs rise in price. Culprit: the government.
2. Gas prices: refusal to drill in ANWR, coastal shelf and Gulf of Mexico. Heavy taxes on oil company profits. Bio-fuels and the waste of mandates. No new oil refineries in America in three decades. We now import a significant amount of gasoline. Gasoline. Culprit: the government.
3. Health care: mandates aplenty. Alcohol/drug treatment is mandated even if you don't want it. Psychological counseling services mandated even if you don't want it. Medicare. Heavy insurance regulations. Culprit: the government.
So, when Tim says Minnesotans are struggling to pay for these needed items, he also fails to mention why these items are as expensive as they are.


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