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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Meet Kelly

I run the games for Sunday School where I go to church. The games are message specific to go with the Scripture message being taught. Well, today, the teachers for the 1st graders were gone, so we took a combined class into the Outreach project. And there was Kelly. Worn clothes, obviously a worker. I'd seen him a few times in church, but hadn't met, nor did I know who he was. Today,though, I was going to meet him. And learn. Kelly runs a real outreach program. Not one of those some of the time "Golly, ain't I a Christian and doing Jesus work 'cuz I volunteered to serve mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving" types. But, in the streets, rain (like today) or shine, cold or hot, holiday or not. So, here were these really neat kids (kindergarten and 1st graders) listening to Kelly talk about the homeless, who and what they were, what they need. And the outreach project was to make sandwiches (whole wheat, turkey, and Swiss cheese). And then he explained that the children were also going to make small cards with a greeting on them that would be included with the sandwiches.
Kelly also had a print out from his website (the article "Dreaming of The World"). And I read the whole article. And the last three paragraphs really caught my attention. Here is a guy who is there. Right there. Right now as we speak. He's out there doing real Christian work. Not that crap called "Social Justice" (which I interpret as "Socialism Injustice"). Not talking about raising taxes for another feel good program. Not dishing hash on a holiday.But a real live worker.
I told him I wholeheartedly agreed with him. He said "Jesus didn't say have the government feed the homeless. He said YOU feed the hungry and homeless." I said that when Jesus told Peter "Feed my sheep" He didn't continue on to say "And to do that , go to the Sanhedrin to institute the "Feed My Sheep Program" and have the Romans raise taxes to pay for it." And Kelly laughingly agreed.
Go read what a man who really works the Word has to say.


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