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Saturday, April 01, 2006

That's a real stretch Howard

The conservative bloggers best friend spoke again. DNC Chairman Howard Dean spoke Friday in an Oakland (CA) union hall and accused President Bush of using Latinos as scapegoats in the immigration debate.

"This is a nonsensical proposal put out by far right-wingers in the Republican Party who have been endorsed for re-election by the president of the United States,'' Dean said. ``The president has a moral obligation to rein in the right-wing extremists in his party and stop this divisive rhetoric about immigrants.''

OK - did you get that? It is President Bush's "moral obligation" to rein in the "right wing extremists" of the Republican Party. Well then, Chairman Dean, whose moral obligation is it to rein in the left wing extremists in the Democratic Party? Oh thats right - the left wing extremists ARE the Democratic Party. How silly of me to forget that.

What Chairman Dean refuses to admit is that he and President Bush are on the same side of the immigration debate. However, if Chairman Dean admits that, then he looses HIS scapegoat. For if Chairman Dean were to agree with President Bush on any issue, then he would have to admit that the President is not as big a "right wing extremist" as the Chairman and the DNC leadership in Washington have painted him to be, negating their entire campaign strategy!


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