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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Shut down the 527s

This is good news for the people.

"A federal judge in Washington ruled yesterday that the Federal Election Commission acted arbitrarily in 2004 when it decided not to regulate so-called 527 political organizations, but he declined to force the commission to impose such regulations."

I say that it is good because the judge has order the FEC to either make a regulation on 527's or to better explain it's exemption of 527s - handling complaints on a case by case basis only.

The lawsuit in question was brought by President Bush's re-election campaign and Representatives Christopher Shays (R-CT) and Martin Meehan (D-MA). Both lawmakers have advocated for tighter campaign finance reform.

This is excellent news for the people of America, however I fear that the FEC will drag this out so that we will not see relief (from 527 advertising) this year. Right now these "special interest groups" are the only ones that can run campaign ads in the last 60 days of a campaign. As we saw in the last election, these ads are nothing but slime campaigns. It would be best if we could repeal McCain/Feingold and thus restore free campaign speech to all, but if we can't have that we'd be better off just letting a trained chimp choose who the next President will be. The chimp certainly can't be any less informed than a voter who relies on America Coming Together for his campaign information.


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