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Sunday, March 12, 2006

The DFL gets into the immigration debate (finally)

The DFL rolled out their version of immigration reform this week.

"The DFL legislative package includes expanding English-language opportunities for schoolchildren, giving tax credits to businesses that offer on-the-job English and citizenship classes, cracking down on people who exploit foreign workers and forming a Governor's Commission on New Minnesotans to guide future legislation. "

What it doesn't include is anything addressing illegal immigration! The DFL stubbornly clings to the mistaken idea that illegal immigration is not something that they need to be bothered with...that it is a federal problem! What they refuse to understand is that as long as illegal immigrants use local hospitals, send their kids to local schools, work in local businesses and drive on our local roads then illegal immigration is a local problem and our state and local governments HAVE to have the tools necessary to deal with it!

Having said all that, I am glad to see that the DFL is finally stepping up and proposing something that tangible. Three years of only opposing whatever the Republicans proposed is not leadership. Welcome to the dance guys. Hope you stay around long enough to actually get us to a solution to all of the problems that face Minnesota.


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