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Remember, Being a Savage Republican is not where you are from, but what you believe.


Local Attractions

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Remember, Being a Savage Republican is not where you are from, but what you believe.

Friday, December 16, 2005

When diversity leads to destruction

One of my discussion groups was having a conversation on the false diversity of the progressive movement. That lead one of the members of the group to post this original piece. The piece deserves (in my very humble opinion) wider discourse because of the many good points it brings up.

When Diversity Breeds Depravity

by R. S. W.

Looking at the pros and cons of mixed peoples in France, I was reminded that there is diversity ... and then again, there is diversity. There is nothing virtuous about diversity, per se. It all depends on the subject. Not a small point.

A diversity of intellects is often constructive when tackling a problem that requires brainpower, yet a diversity of intellects is often destructive (to smarter ones) when each members must achieve equal performance (see: dumbing-down, outcome-based education).

A diversity of experiences is often wise when facing a unique problem, yet a diversity of experiences is often stupid when the problem can be solved by time-tested methods.

A diversity of spiritual gifts is essential to church growth and wholeness, yet a diversity of spiritual gifts is discouraging an disunifying when some of those gifts are shunned by group members (see prophecy, tongues, faith ... e.g. a prophet is not welcome in his home or in his home town)

A diversity of ethnicities and/or color can make for intriguing chit chat, but ultimately it serves no useful purpose.

A diversity of beliefs about God's character is never a long-term solution ... for missionaries, fine, but not for others

A diversity of cultures -- particularly when forced upon members -- is almost always a loser: often explosive and very destructive. (see Paris today).

A diversity of languages -- when people cannot communicate -- is utter madness, and an abomination to our culture.

Try asking any liberal diversity peddler to distinguish "constructive diversity" from the destructive variety and you will probably be put on the defensive ... with terms such as "racism", "____ phobia", prejudice, hatred, bigotry, etc. What you will almost never hear is a reasonable answer. The diversity being pushed on us today is meant to be divisive. We would do well to learn the lessons of France, soon Germany, and then the rest of Eurabia and Scandarabia.

And the next time you meet someone who assumes moral authority about the virtues of diversity -- and tries to intimidate you with the usual charges -- just ask them to explain why such diversity hasn't worked in other cultures ... and why we should subject our own sons and daughters to that same fate.

I agree with the majority of what the author says here. However, there is one point in particular that I do disagree with. I think that the statement "A diversity of ethnicities and/or color can make for intriguing chit chat, but ultimately it serves no useful purpose." should be restated. For I think that a diversity of ethnicities is ultimately usefull as long as one ethnicity does not try to claim superiority to any and all others! There is much that my Latino culture can learn from a European culture and vice versa. We can trade ideas on food and celebrations and even governance. However when I try to force my Latino culture on someone from France (for example) THAT I believe is what serves no useful purpose, other than maybe irreparably dividing us.

We must, for the sake of future generations of Americans, go back to the "melting pot" theory of America. Yes I am Latina, but I am American first and foremost. My "heritage" is the past that I teach my children about, but their future is America and American culture. We must never subjugate America and American culture to any other culture. If you want a Latino culture, move to Latin America, if you want a French culture, move to France and if you want an Islamic culture, move back to an Islamic Country.

When I lived in Germany (back in the mid 1980's), I spoke the German language, I shopped in German stores and I lived as a German citizen would. This is America. We love people from other cultures coming to our shores. We love to hear about your country and your culture, but please don't try to change ours. You are welcome to stay if you can abide by our culture. If you want your home country, then please move back to your home country. Do not try to remake America in your home country's image!


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